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Features of our ripper

-An interchangeable working device with crushing and scarifying soil function

-Wear resistant steel is used to prolong the durability of the ripper

-Made of high strength steel, easy to install and easy to use

-All size of ripper are available depending on the excavator mode

-Good welding technology

-Suitable for crushing and splitting of hard soil, subhard rock and wind fossils, so as to facilitate excavator and loading operations

-Generally is a single tooth, it can also be customized two or three teeth, excavator cutting force

Product Description

KINGER ripper Installed with high strength ripper teeth, strong digging capacity,which is convenient for digging and loading at the same time.In that way,people will save much time and get high efficiency.

Our Excavator ripper is applied to break up frozen ground,hard earth, stone and land waste etc,so that the bucket can be digging and loading.




Above is our ripper specification for your reference.We can match suitable model according to your excavator/skid steer/backhoe loader etc weight class.

Any questions welcome to contact us.

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