The Most Complete Earth Auger Model Range in China is from KINGER (1)

Hydraulic earth auger is mainly composed of power head, cradle hitch, wear-resisting auger drill, hydraulic hose, etc.It is the ideal operating equipment for small pile foundation.In addition, hydraulic earth auger is suitable for drilling in different soil conditions and various project such as electric power, telecommunication, agriculture, municipal administration, highway, high-speed railway, construction, petroleum, forest and so on, as well as other industries such as spiral pile.


KINGER earth auger advantages:
1.Complete Model and Reasonable Structure
KINGER earth auger has 24 models ranges from YDH mini to YDH150000, which is suitable for 0.8-50ton excavator,skid steer and backhoe loader etc.
Meanwhile, each model is strictly subdivided with reasonable design. The structure is checked by the ANSYS strength analysis software, so that the KINGER auger has the characteristics of small volume but large torque.

2.Power output
Efficient and reliable hydraulic motor matched with high efficiency gearbox reducer is a strong guarantee for the power of auger.
KINGER hydraulic motor uses our own brand. It has unique advantages both in matching degree with reduction gearbox and in after-sales service.

3.Gearbox reduction
It is well known that the gearbox is the core component of the auger.
KINGER gearbox reduction adopts planetary gear structure, and all components
are manufactured independently. Special alloy steel is used in gear production and heat treatment process, which has been verified and analyzed for many times, so that the strength of gearbox reduction can be guaranteed reliably and its life can be increased by 30%.
The main shaft of reducer is made of CrMo alloy steel, the strength is increased by 25%. Meanwhile, the use of non-dislodgement design can ensure that the main shaft will never drop in the use of the process .
Reducer from the main shaft to the shell, and even the ordinary gland are all after heat treatment.
Multiple sealing structure is adopted to effectively prevent sediment and other impurities from entering the gearbox and protect the interior of the reduction box from damage.

Post time: Sep-28-2020