The Most Complete Earth Auger Model Range in China is from KINGER (2)

KINGER earth auger drive was developed at the beginning of Yantai Dongheng Machinery Co,. Ltd establishment, which is specialized in manufacturing excavator attachments.With stably high quality and most complete model ranges in China,we make KINGER brand well reputed on the market.

KINGER other Advantages:

1.Cradle hitch
Suitable for excavators, sliding loaders, loaders, tractors, cranes and other specifications of hydraulic equipment.

There are single pin hitch, double pin hitch, anti-swing cradle hitch and other connection frame suitable for various models.

It can be customized according to customer model.
2.Auger drill
The auger drill blade is made of wear-resistant material, and its wear resistance is increased by 40%.

The center tube and blade of auger drill are made of thickened material, the strength is increased by 30%, ensuring no torque deformation during drilling operation.

The connector is made of alloy steel with being machined and formed, its strength is increased by 50%, and it is not easy to be deformed and cracked.

There are various kinds of auger teeth, such as flat teeth, round teeth and cutting teeth.According to different soil condition,customer can choose a reasonable auger teeth configuration. There are also single helix cylinder, double helix cylinder; Single spiral conical, double spiral conical; Rotary drill pipe and other types are optional.

Good welding technology, welding material selection is reasonable, so that KINGER drill pipe has good wear resistance, high cylindricity, no deviation of drilling, good hole forming effect and other characteristics.

In addition to the standard size of the connector, it can be adapted to the size of the customer’s auger drive.

Auger drill also can be customized according to different construction conditions of customers.
We used the baking varnish and paint surface smooth without peeling. The exposed parts are treated with rust prevention. Export products are packed in plywooden cases to ensure no bump, rust and other phenomena during transportation.

Implement the global concept of environmental protection, reduce the use of plastic and other packaging materials that seriously damage the environment
4.Customize services
KINGER has a rigorous R&D team, thoughtful pre-sales service, after-sales service. According to the requirements of customers, we can provide a complete set of solutions.
Any need you may have will get a prompt response from the KINGER.

5.Why choose us
-High quality with competitive price.
-24-hour online service.
-Quick delivery time.
-CE & ISO Certification
-More than 10-year manufacture and sale experience

Post time: Sep-29-2020