KINGER Concrete Mixer Bucket

KINGER Mixer Bucket attachment can easily takes the strain out of producing concrete mixing work, which is enable to save your work time with our mixer bucket.In addition,it can mix and transport up to max 500L concrete in one load wherever the task leads you.
With a hydraulic opening at the bottom of the mixer bucket as well as a detachable unloading pipe, you will easily have maximum control over each pour.In that way,you can mix, transport and unload the concrete conveniently by the hydraulic valve mounted.
In addition, some customers care about the lifetime of bearings.We use multistage seal in bearing place to prevent from mud.In this way,the bearing lifetime will be longer.
As to the material, the bucket body and stirring blade are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, which make it difficult to be worn during working process.
In order to meet customers’ requirements, we design different connection choice of our mixer bucket for excavator,skid steer and loaders.Please have a look at below pictures for three type connection.


As to the capacity of our mixer bucket,we have 150L, 200L, 250L, 300L, 350L, 400L and 500L six different choices for you.
For more details, welcome to send us inquiry.

Post time: Nov-19-2020